A thematic group under the international award-winning digital rights organization, MyData Global
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Who We Are

MyData Health is a nonprofit organization working to build worldwide collaborative networks for use of international personal health data for positive social impact. MyData Health will do so under the guiding principles set forth by our parent organization, MyData Global.

MyData Health Operates By Four Core Tenets:
Why MyData Health Matters

The potential positive social impact from use of personal Health Data in new “fourth industrial revolution” big data and machine learning systems is profound. New technologies could hold the cures for major diseases and could help create manyfold advances in worldwide public health.


However, personal digital data - and specifically personal health data - comes with many new serious challenges. Accumulation of digital data can be used for political and economic empowerment, suppression and oppression of less empowered groups, the manipulation of our news, for disruption of established social systems, and to diminish human rights and digital rights, such as our privacy rights.


Currently, we see dramatic international variability in the management of personal digital data from state ownership and industry control to new models of personal digital data control with new regulations such as the GDPR in Europe.


MyData Health will seek to create international cooperation for the management of health data for the purpose of diminishing potential harmful impact and optimizing potential societal benefits.

You Can Participate in Building MyData Health. Here’s How.
MyData Health will use the highly successful participatory design model of MyData Global to build our networks and worldwide governance.
You can participate by:
  • Coming to our events

  • Joining our Slack Channel

  • Participate in open communication for directing group output and activities

  • Participating in MyData Health publications

We are new - have hundreds of members worldwide - and are growing fast! 
We are working on state-of-the-art global open databases.