Participatory Design & Transparent Governance

MyData Health will create best process for our projects using participatory design and transparent governance. This open process, in turn, will be informed by top scholars in the various fields related to this topic, including ethics, technology, medicine, sociology, government, and data science.


Participatory Design is a technique used to facilitate current and future users in the design and development of digital services. Traditionally rooted in Scandinavian cooperative design, the active engagement of all individuals and stakeholders in collaborative efforts ensures needs are met. Significant movements being made in healthcare to empower stakeholders, improve the user experience, and shift the balance of power, requires supporting the voice of all individuals. To foster such an end result, MyData Health follows the participatory design philosophy to involve stakeholders to participate in the democratic process of designing human-centric health services. 

MyData Health is currently directed by a founding steering committee that will help direct development of formal governance policies.  These policies will be closely tied to policies of the parent organization, MyData Global, such as funding policies. Given the financial and political incentives of Health Data, the steering committee has committed to creating formal dominance policies to assure no third party asserts excessive control or power over the MyData Health group.  In the short-term, if any party feels the MyHealth Data group in not properly representing a wide spectrum of stakeholders in a impartial manner, please report your concerns to the MyData Global board.